This part is about

space battles,

survival feats and stories of heroes,
tactical action, missions on planets, seizure of ships,
the universe of Last Times & well ... again about the
battles occurring everywhere

Chapter 1: survival Roleplay Tactic Strategy Cooperation

Not only teenagers with good reaction
can succeed in battle, but

everyone with tactical

thinking and team spirit.

Characteristics of warriors and environments are changing
during  the  battle and courageous step may at  any time

change the outcome

Chapter 1: survival Offense Defense Compartments Equiment


Battles, missions, and ships

are  not all  that  composes the  game  progress.
Strategic  move   mode    in  space,   as  well  as
a number  of  other  convenient  interfaces  allow

you to express

your creativity in metagaming.

Chapter 1: survival Radar Palnets Spaceship Battle

Chapter 2: conquest

not available
(not funded yet)

Chapter 3: creation

not available
(not funded yet)

Chapter 4: cognition

not available
(not funded yet)