Descendants of mankind are struggling for survival in the last days of the universe. The majority of stars have already extinguished, and the visible part of the universe has almost disappeared behind the event horizon. Everything imaginable has already happened, and the technology has reached the peak of development.

There is an excess of energy - only matter is valuable. The majority of the people are born with the implanted fellow – social interface complementing the reality and making a man a part of the universal community.

The future is uncertain, and the past holds meeting with unknown and sacral ancestors. Fear poisons the minds of the last humans. Hope has become a commodity of Starlords-rulers. Rejection of self-determined use of personal time is rewarded with comfort and serenity.

Someone accepted the offering of ancestors and shared the desire to become a part of a virtual paradise inside the ark of salvation approaching from the past. Others began to seek their own way to salvation, not wanting to deal with the anomaly that absorbed the world of the ancestors and to become part of it.

Mutually exclusive ideologies of salvation collide descendants in bloody wars. Abundance and all the lessons of history have not relieved the descendants from having to choose between good and evil. Every nation has determined its way, but there are forces willing to influence the common destiny solely.

Over the millennia of shared history nations have united in a common zero space in a single stream of time to establish a circle of law. That is the portion of the universe protected from those who are expelled beyond. Entire nations can be forced out outside the safe zone.

The use of ancestors’ technology has filled the reality of the descendants with the paradoxical anomalies. Unimaginable threats brought to reality became a retribution for the technological superiority and idle life.

People trying to take advantage of the paradoxes were called apostates. The apostates were outlawed, their number has been growing so that they have become a major internal threat to the integrity of the circle of law. Apostates and enemies, whose nature is unclear, have heated the situation up to the limit.

Many people were wrongly expelled from the civilization over the slightest suspicions. They were left alone with all the dangers of the external space. Deprived of the fellow, outcasts are forced to think for themselves, and survive in extremely harsh environments.

Many of the innocents decided to reclaim their right to be a resident of the circle of law at all accounts and to return home to save their families from harassment. These heroes are destined to determine the fate of their followers, friends and the entire universe. You are one of them.