Brave New World

Ark, for many millions of years, managed to escape from the fettering tentacles of abnormal funnel, continuing salvific escape from death and oblivion. However, the funnel grew and its speed increased. Mankind inevitably again encountered with insufficiency of velocity to once again break through the boundaries of surrounding death. Creators decided on a bold move - the rescue mission. The plan was to create colonies at remote corners of the space along the route of the ark and to move there by chrono jump subsequently, having saved Millions of years of acceleration. Mankind possessed the necessary data about the universe and could roughly calculate the displacement of stellar systems, after they disappeared from the zone of visibility due to closed by anomaly areas of space.

Among Creators were volunteers later named sowers or forefathers. They were willing to explore the deep space situated along trajectory of the ark. None of the physical object could exceed the speed of the ark, and move at a distance of millions of light-years ahead. However, the human soul remained in zero space can be moved to any point of the universe at the cost of huge expenditures of binary matter. However, even being in a particular point of space the human mind was unable to materialize binary ideas without zero space generated by chrono engine. Therefore, consciousness first had to produce life from non-living matter and controlled evolution in order to naturally acquire a suitable body capable to create conditions for the generation of zero space. The fate of humanity depended on chrono jump of the ark which could take place only at zone of the manifested zero space.

Volunteers ready for the incredible feat of patience journeyed to an unknown space, in the form of Soliats with a set of all the necessary ideas and huge reserves of binary currency, with the aim of finding suitable for terraforming planets. Having found a suitable star systems and planets the sower became the cause of generation of life and hundreds of thousands of years was preparing conditions for his physical embodiment, and then recreated the chrono core and the system of global terraforming. And when the planet was ripe for human life, automatic system inhabited it by people originally reconstituted from a huge DNA database of the ark residents. Sower often acted as a forefather instructing reconstituted people to peaceful coexistence and social development.

Sowers, usually for millenniums of evolution management, completely lost touch with human nature and could not get back into the ark and once again become Soliats. So they chose successor, awarded him with the key to the sleeping central chrono core, and went out of life, perceiving their demise the greatest reward for endless efforts they could go through. Human colony developed and grew, undergoing various challenges. Could pass thousands of years before the natural process of development of society, was marked by a universal understanding of quantum superposition by colonists. When the genome of most inhabitants testified that society matured for the perception of chrono technologies, the effect of which is completely dependent on human attitude and participation, the central chrono core activated and opened its opportunities for people.

During the jump to the distant stars, sowers overcame incredible distances, which in turn led to distortions of time flow. As a result, human colonies were founded at different times in relation to each other. However, the relative proximity allowed colonies to find each other. The space around the chrono engine was processed by quantum supercomputers to take into account all of the particles of matter indwelling this space. Quantum calculations separate space from all kinds of material noise, and chrono engine support the manifestation of zero space around itself. Zero space is connected with matter only by a spatial component, whereas the time and the other material interaction do not exist in the pure zero space. Zero space, as if in a compressed form, already contains all the events of reality as though all the events have already occurred. Zero space being generated, exists simultaneously in all moment of the future. Therefore, areas with manifested zero space at the intersection merge, and chrono engines can discover each other synchronizing in one moment of time.

The more people within the range of chrono engine, the wider the area of the manifested zero space, the greater the chance to connect with the same area of another chrono engine. Therefore, colony founded earlier in time with increasing consumption of power by chrono engine and population growth may detect colony founded later, that does not yet exist at the time of detection although this generates a certain paradoxical effects.

When coverage of chrono engines of different colonies intersected, the colonies merged into united zero space and could communicate with each other. Cosmic date of colonies aligned, considering the period that divided colonies in time. However, with the growth of the united zero space increases the influence of the reverse side of chrono technologies called technogenic threat, which has a significant impact on the lives of the colonists.

People in the colonies vary greatly influenced by the natural conditions of the planets, and technogenic threat and could already be referred to different races with common ancestors. All united colonies are synchronized in time of the oldest colony. For the most ancient race, other races still not physically exist in real time, and if the representatives of this race would travel at the speed of light to the planets of those races that have already been discovered and included in the zero space, they would have found an empty planets. However, such a journey would require millions of light years, and at the time of the visit of these places by travelers nonexistent colonies had already appeared and passed the whole cycle of development resulting in cessation of existence. There is no other way but chrono jumping through zero space to reach each other, and the inability to physically overcome incredible cosmic distances, eliminating the possibility of paradoxes, which could arise.

Zero space and freedom of movement in it is available only within the space free of material noise due to the chrono engine. United into zero space colonies formed intergalactic community existed autonomously before the time until the intersection with the action area of the most huge chrono engine HEWA. At the time when it happened the first time, Soliats recognized rescue mission success and made a jump to colonies covering the distance of millions of light years having outstripped the destructive trap again. Soliats took on board all colonists wishing to join salvation and initiated a rescue mission again. Billions of years Soliats managed to escape by this way. But the newly reconstituted generation descendants differed from previous ones, and the situation started to develop a completely different way.

HEWA against funnel