Price of Immortality

Discontented masses driven to the limit of patience with suicidal emissions of Soliats imagined themselves gods were willing to do anything to bring back the abundance of the former times. Soliats were alarmed and succumbed to the fear of losing their status. Until quite recently, untouchable and undying rulers could be forcibly returned to recreated by cloning human bodies. Fear as well as depression greatly reduced energy potential of the immortals. Mass panic embraced alive generators jeopardizing further work of HEWA that could result in the death of the entire human race. Soliats found a way to make up for a lack of energy and to satisfy their own greed for binary matter.

The more complex the structure of matter, the greater the idea of this structure and thus amount of binary material - hence the human body can be decomposed into a huge amount of binary currency. Soliats created guards who ruthlessly carried out the procedure of depersonalizing with those who dare to get to the surface. Depersonalizing automatically forces the person, being still alive, transfer the matter of his own body into the binary currency, replenishing stocks of Soliats. The people had no choice but to rise up against Soliats. Soliats brutally tried to suppress the rebellion of people and killed about a third of all humankind. However through a series of heroic deeds people won, and the demigods were defeated, although some managed to survive and escape. Binary currency moved to the people who found a fair use for it.

The current lifestyle of Soliats fully revealed its inconsistency and deadlockness. To ensure that the situation will not be repeated, people were offered several schemes of further development of society, and by universal and equal suffrage, mankind decided on a new approach to immortality. Each person who turned into Soliat, was placed in a special container which would not let imaginations to get out. Using binary currency, Soliats could pay each other for exciting ideas that have become the content of their fantasies. In their imagination immortals clothed in human bodies could live a full life in a dream worlds, communicating with each other. Over time, dreams of Soliats acquired the character of an individual virtual paradise (VIP), and more and more people were immersing in it. This pastime has allowed the human psyche to spend thousands of years with fun and pleasure, while not representing danger for residents of teralopolises and generating huge amounts of energy.

Ark continued to accelerate by increasing energy consumption. However, distortion of space led to an unexpected effect that was impossible to forecast in advance. The ship's hull began to accrete with sedimentary metallic matter, forming smooth faces. Like the river grinding stones, compression of space resulted in smoothing of metallized sediment, creating the optimal shape for the journey at superluminal speed. Nevertheless, augmentation of mass of the ship due to more optimal form did not result in decrease of speed, and on the contrary - the bigger and straighter became shell walls of the ark, the faster it accelerated. Therefore, people did not clean off unexpected growths, later called paradoxical matter or Alltheorum. For engines, and other functions of the ship, in an array of metallized cocoon were drilled tunnels and new architecture of hull practically ceased to interest inhabitants of the ark.

Paradoxical matter had become so durable armor for the ark, that engineers were able via annihilation saws to cut through and absorb standing in the way planets and even the stars. The flight path was changed and the new route passed through the star clusters and nebulae. Matter of the Universe was absorbed by body of the ark and was transformed into a binary currency, and partitioned among Soliats. A new source of binary substance fulfilled the dream of universal immortality, and almost all the residents of teralopolises were placed in the VIP containers. Alltheorum was harmless to humans but pose a mortal danger to Soliats. Etheric body lost stability from contact with it and even an extended stay inside the outer tunnels could drive immortal crazy. However, this was more than affordable price for immortality and this property of paradoxical matter did not bother anyone.

The undeniable choice