Nimls commitment to concentrated analysis of their strategy helps them to implement thought-out in all directions, increasing their influence and military potential. Due to flexibility, Nimls have managed to defend their interests and preserve the nation over thousands of years while many former allies fell into oblivion. Since the beginning, there is cult of the Creators In Nimls society and weird invasions of Synchrots considered as punishing spiritual embodiment of forefathers. Reverent adoration and admiration of ancestors lead to the fact that notable military leaders and lords come through the ritual of return to the forefathers Ark, carried out a moment before natural death.

The voluntary transition of consciousness into the ideas and the journey to lifesaving Ark costs huge amount of binary currency accumulated by generations of Nimls. None of who gained immortality never returned back, but the belief in the reality of such possibility and clear ways of gaining salvation, principally affected the mentality of Nimls. Inability to accept the prospect of death led to the cultivation of a plurality of alternative ways of salvation especially for those who cannot afford a trip to the ancestors. Nimls are also involved in the war of verity on the side of the initiators. They believe that victory will be able to provide some alternative scenario of salvation to the people.

Nimls are sufficiently numerous and live in cohesive teams fearing to disappoint majority opinion, as genuinely love and treasure their nation. Nimls constantly involved in military conflicts, defending national interests, and most of them, are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the brothers in arms. Social mechanics strictly punish cowards and refusers at the same time encouraging the relatives of the fallen daredevils. Nimls society is very militarized and human lives are focused on construction of mutual salvation. Nimls are very dedicated and purposeful warriors ready to perform the feat and fulfill their destiny.

The ability of race to perform an effort to resist the circumstances and mobilize personal will. ±25%: order, vigilance, mobilization, restoration, sabotage, enforcement, power, speed
A generalized state of space technologies of the race, the synergy within the fleet of spaceships, and the assessment of their multifunctionality
The ability of race to survive, strive for creativity, self-improvement and development. ±25%: evasion, health, maintenance, improvement, usury, adaptation, renovation, cybernetics
The generalized state of the ground forces of the race, the power of weapons including installed on spaceships. Destructive potential of personal weapons of warriors and sophistication of their armored space suits
The ability of race to the intellectual thinking, rational understanding of the situation and finding the optimal behavior. ±25%: accuracy, hacking, mastery, commerce, leadership, control, construction, boarding
A generalized ability of the race to mass production, the efficiency of production processes, the presence of specific buildings and technologies to facilitate the production and extraction
The ability of race to a reasonable perception, formulation of wise goals, inspiration and creativity. ±25%: efficiency, command, morale, invention, overplus, takeover, compromise, adventurism
A generalized ability of the race to negotiate with other factions, to engage in diplomatic relations. The presence of special buildings and technologies conducive to the holding of domestic policy

Legality of apostates classes means that the player within the territory of his race can act without hiding his permitted apostate class. A player can not be pursued on the basis of his involvement in the activities of apostates and be the target of bounty hunters in the territory of his race
DNA template of perception - each race belongs to one of three levels of DNA template of perception, that will be outlined in the updates. Essentially the difference between the levels is, the higher the level, the more expensive technologies and higher quantitative characteristics of the final objects. Depending on conditions, each level can be as an advantage or a disadvantage.
Historically formed maximally used type of armored space suit. All races can use medium armor. Most races can use heavy armor, and a few races use superheavy Vanguard armor. The number in the icon indicates the average size of the representative of the race. Depends on the size, the probability to avoid ranged attacks and the cost of creating the costume.

War, Defence, Foreign policy, Domestic policy, Production, Mining - From the combination of all the parameters, each race can be assigned to one of six orientations. Orientation is the general thrust of all the processes occurring inside the fraction caused by historical heritage, technologies and objectives. Often orientation supported by unique technologies, buildings and abilities available to players.