The hero is born in battle - unleash the power of real combat

Intensity  increases  up  to  the  end of the combat. Parameters of soldiers are continuously changing according to morale, rage, and success of combo attacks and battlefield from time to time collapses under enemy ships attacks.
AI opponents and bodyguards of player are constantly on the move in order to be in the best position for attack
strengths and weaknesses Allies and enemies accumulate data about the vulnerabilities of each other in the course of the battle and as a result use optimal abilities
Physical proximity of allies provides advantages and protection against certain attacks
real physics
of damage
Armor damage and injuries change the state of the player and make it impossible to use certain abilities
Animation corresponds to the action scenes which we used to see in movies. No fighters simultaneously reducing each others hitpoints with endless punches
change of
combat potential
Increase or reduction in performance and characteristics of fighters, depending on the success of the attacks with probability to set personal bests.

Endless variety of combat situations