The hero is born in battle - unleash the power of real combat

Intensity  increases  up  to  the  end of the combat. Parameters of soldiers are continuously changing according to morale, rage, and success of combo attacks and battlefield from time to time collapses under enemy ships attacks.
common area
of visibility
Allies share information about the battlefield and therefore have a common field of view
For concerted actions of a large number of soldiers and teams of players, the leaders of groups can mark targets on the tactical map
AI forces as
an entity
Enemy forces act on the basis of the unified strategy and protect their leader. Opponents as a general rule do not enter into battle without confidence in victory
The captured equipment and means of defense serve the interests of the invaders
the crew is not among the fighting forces and automatically tries to maintain the functioning of the ship, independently moving around the battlefield
the destruction of the ship, depressurization, the temperature difference, the lack of oxygen - constantly changing conditions determine the survival challenge for a player

Team play as a pledge of victory